Shan Banaspati
Shan Banaspati is the only premium category banaspati that is produced and marketed from the platform of Mahboob Industries.

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Shan Cooking Oil
Shan cooking oil is one of the best quality of cooking oil which is the ultimate choice of people and house hold women.

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Shan Laundry Soap

  • Spanified with Noah in Pan
  • Rest for 08 hours and water drain out
  • Then Soap is taken in mixture Pan Mix with Silicate

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MAHBOOB INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED "MIL" are the manufacturers of renowned brand “SHAN BANASPATI” & “SHAN COOKING OIL”. The company was incorporated under the companies Act – VII of 1913 in Joint Stock companies, Lahore, on 8th June 1977, having its registered office at 125 – A, Quaid – e – Azam, Industrial Estate, Shan Road, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore. The company produces premium brand Banaspati & Cooking oils and hydrogenated cooking mediums.

Incorporated in 1977, Mahboob Industries (Pvt.) Limited was initially established as a ghee unit started its production in April, 1982 at 30 M. Tons per day. In 1995, new unit of Cooking Oil was installed and manufacturing capacity of ghee was also enhanced. French automatic ghee & cooking oil filling machines were installed. We are leaders in filling ghee & cooking oil in plastic pouches.

In 1996, to meet the market demand manufacturing capacity was further enhanced. Now total installed capacity of our unit is 150 M.Tons per day and production of our unit is 100 M.Tons per day. Famous Shan Laundry Soap & Co2 gas are our by product.